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Great FREE French games

Boom Cards may already be familiar to you, and you may have even used some in the classroom. Today I’m here to present a selection of the most outstanding FREE French games you may use in your classroom since kids adore Boom Cards so much that they actually ask for more.

Free French games: cartes Boom gratuites en français

A growing number of teachers are using and creating Boom Cards, so there are now high-quality materials available in French and not just in English. You understand that I create French teaching resources to make your life easier.

To make it easier for you to identify the products that might benefit you and your students, I’ve made a list of my Free French games in this article. There are all FREE ! So try one!

  1. FREE French phonics Sons voyelles simples BOOM CARDS Blending sounds
free french online games
  1. FREE School items Rentrée Ecole French Back School Pencil Case BOOM CARDS
free french school items activities
  1. FREE French BOOM CARDS Adjectifs | THANKSGIVING Activities Scavenger Hunt
FREEBIE thanksgiving hunt adjectifs
  1. FREE French Winter Activities BOOM CARDS L’ hiver | Mittens Hunt Game SET 1
free french winter activity
  1. FREE French Spring Vocabulary Activity GOOGLE SLIDES | Le Printemps SET 1
free spring activities
  1. French High Frequency | Sight Words PRINTABLE Mots fréquents LIST 1 SET 1
free french sight words
  1. FREE French Halloween Vocabulary GOOGLE SLIDES with audio FREEBIE
free halloween activities

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As you can see, I have a variety of resources to teach French First Language or Immersion or French second language or Core. I am sure you will find something that will suit your students’ needs and the level you teach. Have a look on my shop page and use the filters (by topics, grades…)

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