Free French Winter Activities

It’s December and that means a hectic time of the year and probably snow days.  Are you looking for free activities to teach French Winter vocabulary? How about a no-prep digital game with this free French winter activities?

Check out this freebie in My Teachers Pay Teachers store so you can discover one of my product and reduce prep during this busy season. These listening BOOM CARDS are perfect for your French Second Language students.

winter activities

Free French Winter Activities: Listening game

⭐This Free French Winter activity is perfect for your Second Language students. This mittens hunt focuses on listening skills and matching audio and pictures. It is perfect for beginners or early students.

How does the game work?

There are 10 levels / sets and each set has 2 questions. Each good answer gets students some mittens and get them to the next level. Students also earn ribbons. Students will keep playing and working through the challenges until complete.

So try it and see how you can integrate winter activities to teach core vocabulary.

Trying a Google Slides game for free

This Awesome Digital GOOGLE SLIDES Mittens Hunt / Game is:

  • perfect for Google Classroom, distance learning, centers, etc.
  • self-checking
  • highly accessible – students can play it on any device with Internet – iPad, laptop, Chromebook, even smartphone
  • integrate winter activities

What do I need to get my Free French Winter activities?

You only need a Free Google Account and a copy will be automatically done in your Google Drive. All instructions are explained in the PDF you will download, simply click on the link and you will be redirected to make your own copy of the free French winter activities. You will have access to other free products in my free virtual library by subscribing to my newsletter.

PDF free link

Students will need to play in the slideshow mode. These Free Winter activities are perfect to also use for fast finishers, in stations for more independent work or to be projected with your interactive whiteboard for a group work.

What if you prefer BOOM CARDS?

It’s fine if you prefer Boom Cards as I also have plenty of French winter vocabulary games and activities using Boom Learning platform.

Looking for a fun spelling and writing exercise for your students that will use the French Winter vocabulary? Check these products. Students can drag the letters to work on spelling or copy the words to memorise them. They are both Boom Learning and Google products. Check by sorting the categories in my store

If you don’t know how to use BOOM CARDS, I also have a tutorial on my blog. Check it and watch the video on Youtube too. I will explain how to use the cards and how to sign up for free to the Boom Learning platform.

Save Money with the BUNDLE

Most of my BUNDLES are 50% off to normal prices, so it’s really worth checking. You will also save time with these NO-PREP resources for your French lessons.

What if you teach French Immersion ?

If you are looking for grammar resources for your French First Language students or Immersion , I also have resources which are winter-themed. You can find these fun games to work French Verb AVOIR and Être Present tense in the Google Slides or Boom Cards format. This mystery image reveal game includes 21 slides to practice French verb to have and to be in the present tense.

Students need to fill in the blanks by selecting the right verb to complete the sentences.When students select the right answer, a piece of the mystery image is revealed.

Thanks for reading me!

See you soon, Angélique.