20 French FREE Christmas Games

Have these absolutely French free Christmas games prepared for you as the holiday season approaches. They are all free!

Teachers around the world are gearing up for festive lessons and activities to engage their students. One creative and time-saving approach to incorporating the holiday spirit into your lessons is by using French free Christmas games. These games can be a valuable resource for educators, helping them save time in lesson preparation while making learning fun and interactive.

Try one of my free Christmas game

First of all, start by trying one of my products. This is one of my great listening activities to input the French Christmas vocabulary with younger learners. Listen to the audio and choose the corresponding picture.

Introducing French Christmas vocabulary to younger learners can be a delightful experience with the right listening activities. Incorporating interactive listening exercises, such as “Listen and Choose the Corresponding Picture,” can be an effective and engaging way to teach the language.

free christmas games
Watch this video for a free game

If you enjoy these free Christmas games, then feel free to grab the bundle to cover all strands.

french christmas activities

Plenty of French free Christmas games below

I have searched on TeachersPayTeachers for some French free Christmas games ready for you. Here are all the links below for you

free Christmas games

I hope you enjoyed my list of free Christmas games!

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