French games for back to school

French games and activities for back to school

Are you a French teacher looking for back to school activities and games ? How about checking my suggestions. 

Greetings and basic sentences games while being back to school

Here is a game which will allow your French Second Language or Foreign Language to consolidate basic words in French (greetings) and phrases such as : bonjour, au revoir, salut, ça va bien, je m’appelle, j’habite à, j’ai … ans.

It is also a great activity to get ready for the DELF in French (A1)

Students will work on comprehension thanks to the audio. With these cards, they will focus only on listening and reading skills. There is another version here where students can also work on writing skills.

This fun and engaging game is ideal to start a school year and recap basis.

They will :

1. Listen to a word or sentence and choose amongst 3 possible translations

2. Listen to a word or sentence and choose if it’s true or false

3. Listen to a word or sentence and choose amongst 3 suggestions

Mystery reveal to recap basic phrases

Do your French second language students love to play mystery reveal images games? This digital puzzle will be perfect to revise basic phrases in your French back to school lessons. For this French Summer themed deck, students need to select the correct missing word in the sentences. With each correct answer, a portion of the picture will be revealed.

Recapping numbers, days, months and birthdays

First you can start with my bundle to work on French numbers from 1 to 100. This fun digital pack of resources will allow your students to work on all skills such as listening, reading and writing | ENSEMBLE pour consolider les nombres en français de 1 à 100. They will gradually learn all the rules related to numbers in French.

There are 8 decks, 190 self-grading task cards.

These are perfect french games for back to school activities.

Once they know their numbers, they will find it easier to express their age and birthdays. With this bundle of French Months and Birthday Activities your French students will recap months then will write birthdays’ dates corresponding to the calendar or audio in French. This is a bundle of digital vocabulary practice for GOOGLE SLIDES. This Awesome Digital GOOGLE SLIDES Game is perfect for Google Classroom, distance learning, centers, etc., for self-checking activities and stations, highly accessible – students can play it on any device with Internet – iPad, laptop, Chromebook, even smartphone. This game is also available with BOOM CARDS if you prefer.

At the beginning of the year, it is important your students know their days and it is perfect to do in correlation with birthdays activities. This Awesome 80s theme activity is perfect for your French second language students to learn about days of the week in French. This game focuses on reading and writing skills.

Encouraging more target language in the classroom with back to school french games

To motivate your students to use more French in the classroom, they need to know the vocabulary related to school. I suggest this bundle to develop vocabulary on school items / equipment, again there are perfect french games for back to school lessons. Students will work listening, reading and writing skills.

I also suggest this set of activities to consolidate places / facilities in school with you French second language students. The vocabulary taught is la salle de classe, le laboratoire, le gymnase, les casiers, le terrain de foot, la bibliothèque, la cour de récréation, la cantine, la salle d’informatique, l’arrêt de bus et les toilettes.

You can of course choose only one deck which would better suit your needs. You don’t have to go for the bundle but you save around 50% when buying a bundle. Also remember the back to school sales to buy French games by the end of August.

back to school

Obviously your students need to understand classroom instructions. I have created a game including audio that will allow your kids to work on the comprehension of commands in class.

Expressing your emotions at the beginning of the year

This game to practice French adjectives of emotions / feelings is also perfect for a back to school activity. Your student will consolidate this vocabulary: content, triste, inquiet, peur, en colère, and will learn about masculine and feminine too. 

Back to school oral and speaking French games

There are 17 GOOGLE SLIDES for your French students to complete sentences so they can present themselves and develop their speaking skiils. This deck can be used to prepare an oral activity and work on speaking skills. The vocabulary covered is nationality, age, birthday, family (brothers and sisters), favorite color, sport , animal , day, month , lesson , food , appearance (hair eyes size ) etc… It could be used as an assessment tool too. 

This French Would You Rather activity can also be used for the beginning of the year. It includes 20 fun visual slides in GOOGLE SLIDES. It is great for digital brain breaks, digital icebreakers, community building, morning meets, class discussions, writing or speaking prompts with these Summer themed questions!

Choosing Boom Cards or Google Slides ? 

It is really down to you to choose which platform you prefer and I invite you to try a free resource of each of them to make up your mind. Check my store and select free to choose any freebie you would like. 

You can also read my article to understand how to use Boom Cards if you need more explanations. 

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