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French games for the classroom

Are you looking for ways to make learning French more fun and engaging for your students? Look no further! In this blog post, we will share 10 fun French games that you can play in the classroom to improve your students’ language skills.

french games

French Games: Hangman

French Hangman is a classic game that is easy to adapt to any language. It’s a great way to practice spelling and vocabulary in French. To play, one student chooses a French word and then draws blank spaces on the board to represent each letter. The other students take turns guessing letters until they either solve the word or the hangman is fully drawn.

Drag and Drop

These French games will allow your students to drag and drop the letters to be able to spell the word correctly. It is engaging and excellent to develop accuracy with their spelling. Click on the orange link or picture to see more.

french spelling game

Pictionary Game in French

Pictionary is another of the classic French games that can easily be adapted to practice French vocabulary. One student draws a picture of a French word on the board while the others try to guess the word.

French Scrabble 

Scrabble is a part of great French games for practicing French spelling and vocabulary. You can either play the classic game or use a French Scrabble set for more French-specific vocabulary.

French Bingo Games

Bingo French Games are fun and can be adapted to practice French vocabulary. Create bingo cards with French words and have the students play until someone gets a full row or column. Here is an example with the winter topic

french bingo games

Le jeu des sept erreurs 

The game of seven errors is also part of classic French games that can be played in the classroom. One student draws a picture with seven errors while the others try to find them.

Odd One Out French Games

These French games involve listing four words in French and asking students to identify the one that doesn’t belong. It’s a great way to practice vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

odd one out
For example, I use this game while teaching root words

Audio Vocabulary French Games

I have many games to practice vocabulary using Google Slides or Boom Cards format. There is no prep and it is self-checking. The audio will help your students to reinforce pronunciation and memorising the words

french audio games
Find the picture corresponding to the audio
french audio games
Listen to a sentence using the key vocabulary and say if it is true or false

Charades en français 

Charades is a fun game that can be adapted to practice French vocabulary. One student acts out a French word or phrase while the others try to guess.

French Memory Game 

Memory is a great game for practicing French vocabulary. Create cards with French words and their English translations and have the students play until they match all the cards.

Mystery Reveal Image Game

The mystery image reveal game is perfect to practice French vocabulary or even High Frequency Words. Students need to click on the word they will listen to. Each time students get the right answer, a piece of the mystery picture is revealed.

mystery french games

Jeopardy French Game

Jeopardy is a fun game that can be adapted to practice French vocabulary and grammar. Create categories with different topics and assign point values to each question.

Devine qui je suis

This game involves one student describing a French person or character while the others try to guess who it is. It’s a great way to practice vocabulary and cultural knowledge.

J’ai … Qui a ….

Each student receives a card (or 2). The first person starts to read his / her card. Whoever hears what is called that’s also on his card will go next and so on … A fun game could be to challenge the group to finish the game as fast as possible. This could easily be a fun centre or quick activity. It can be an individual game or if you have more students, you can pair them up.

sons complexes
For example, you can practice sounds and phonics with this game

Magic Word Search

In the self-checking activity, Magic Word Search, students collect a word each time they correctly answer a question. While answering, the letters in the word search puzzle dance around randomly until the last question is correctly answered. The students continue to answer questions until they have correctly completed the assignment. Following the assignment, students are rewarded with a mini brain-break in the form of a fun word search puzzle. The students answer the questions in any order they prefer. If correct, the students receive immediate feedback by revealing words on the word list for their word search. Answer key included.

french games
Students can work figurative language in a very fun way

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