teach french adjectives

How to teach French adjectives

I am offering digital games for teaching and learning French adjectives. I am helping teachers to scaffold the teaching of this part of speech , that is French adjectives words.

Identify or recognize French adjectives 

Here is a the first step to understand what is an adjective. This grammar digital game will help your French Immersion students recognize adjectives. 

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french adjectives

I have also made sure in the second set that the adjectives that I have selected are also high-frequency words so they can work on grammar and spelling skills at the same time. In order to help them memorize these words and recognise them as adjectives, they will be asked to locate it in a sentence and type it, so they can learn to spell them.

french adjectives

Why using Boom Cards or Google Slides

The benefits of including technology are numerous:

·  Interactive:  It means that the activity is in the form of a game that keeps the student motivated and focused.

·  Self-Corrective: It saves time for teachers and students

·  Paperless: It can be used for online teaching or save paper and our plane

You can check on Boom Learning platform for more details

Next step: Agreement of French adjectives

In this third game, students learn to work on agreement of French adjectives and recap concepts of masculine, feminine, singular and plural. This is the most difficult step for students as this does not happen in English for example. 

The cards follow a logical progression. There are also some self-dictations by clicking on the speaker and some audio explanations.

French adjectives
Recap concepts of masculine, feminine, singular, plural
french adjectives
french parts of speech
Select the right answer with the right agreement
french spelling
Practice agreement
spelling independently
Be fully independent

Extend with the plural of noun and French adjectives

This is a last game of this bundle to teach French Adjectives that that will help your students practice using the plural forms of French adjectives and also nouns.

Students will recap singular and plural concepts

french adjectives

They will also learn about words with s or x in the plural form

They will also learn about words with the plural form al or eau

They will apply agreement in a group of words, that is adjectives and nouns

Save money and time

I invite you to buy the bundle so that you do not have to purchase the games separately. This will help save your money and time. For just 6 dollars you will get the bundle of 4 decks. 

french adjectives

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