How to teach French er verbs

French er Verbs

Are you a French Immersion teacher looking for fun ways to teach French er verbs in the present tense ? Teaching conjugation is not easy and students need interesting activities that really get them engaged! Find out below how I teach French er verbs.

teaching french er verbs

Understand what is a verb in French is key

You cannot start verbs conjugation without making sure your students understand what is a verb. Therefore I use these digital task cards for my students to read sentences and identify the verb in the sentences.

identifier un verbe

They will simply click on the verb.

I also use this game to make sure they do understand the differences between a verb, a noun and an adjective. Many students still make confusions and this is a starting point before you can teach french er verbs in the present tense.

reconnaire un verbe adjectif nom commun

Introducing the 3 groups of verbs in French

You can go further if you wish by teaching the different groups of verbs so students understand the differences between er, ir and re verbs and how to find the infinitive of a verb in French. I usually wait a bit to do this one but I know some teachers like to teach the 3 groups of verbs before teaching the endings of the French er verbs.

reconnaitre groupe verbes

Understanding the subject pronouns

To be able to use the right French er verb ending, especially when names or a group of words is used, it is important that students understand the subject pronouns “pronoms personnels”. I also do this activity before teaching the present tense, that is replacing a group of words by a pronoun.

pronoms personnels pronoms personnels

Starting to teach French er verbs in the present tense

Once they are familiar with all the concepts above, we can start to teach the French er verbs endings.

You have the choice between my BOOM CARDS or GOOGLE SLIDES games. It really depends on what you are familiar with. The advantage of Google Slides is that you can modify it and you do not need an account to BOOM LEARNING. The advantage of BOOM CARDS is that it is self-checking and time saving for teachers as it generates a report with scores, mistakes, etc… I do love Boom Cards for these reasons!

french er verbs french er verbsfrench er verbs

In the first two products, students will first choose the right form of the verb according to the pronoun, then they will do the opposite, that is find the pronoun which goes with the verb and lastly they will type the full verb with the correct ending.

In the last product, they will read sentences and choose the correct form of the verb.

All these games are self-corrective, so it can be assigned as independent work, homework or also can be projected on a whiteboard if you prefer use them as a group activity.

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