Great Ideas for Thanksgiving 2023 in French

Are you looking for ideas for thanksgiving 2023 activities in French? Either Thanksgiving activities for middle school students or primary students, I have some ideas for you. 

All my resources are French themed thanksgiving: pie hunt, turkey hunt, etc… all are engaging thanksgiving activities for your French lessons

ideas for thanksgiving 2023
Some fun ideas for thanksgiving activities
thanksgiving 2023 in French
thanksgiving activities in French

Celebrating Thanksgiving 2023 in Canada or USA, we are now closed as it falls on November the 23rd

Thanksgiving 2023: French vocabulary

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ideas thanksgiving 2023
ideas thanksgiving activities in French

This Thanksgiving 2023 activity is perfect for your French Second Language students. This PIE hunt focuses on listening skills. Students listen to an audio and click on the corresponding picture. There are 10 levels / sets and each set has 2 questions.

thanksgiving 2023
thanksgiving google slides theme

The vocabulary is: dinde, gland, citrouille, pain, maïs, purée (de pommes de terre), corne d’abondance, plume, pomme, raisins, pèlerin, pèlerine, feuille, blé, écureuil, tarte à la citrouille, courge, amérindien, amérindienne, chapeau

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thanksgiving 2023
This scavenger hunt focuses on writing skills. This is SET 4 of the bundle.
thanksgiving google slides

Other ideas for Thanksgiving activities in French

I also have a choice of Boom Cards if you prefer. 

boom cards en français
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If you’re seeking ideas for engaging Thanksgiving 2023 activities for your primary or middle school students, I have some great suggestions to share with you. Thanksgiving provides an excellent opportunity to combine cultural learning with fun, interactive experiences. Here are a few ideas for both primary and middle school levels:

For Primary Students:

  1. Thankful Artwork: Have your students create “Table of Thanks” artwork. Provide them with paper and art supplies, and ask them to draw and color things they are thankful for. This can be a beautiful and personal decoration for the classroom.
  2. Thanksgiving Storytime: Choose age-appropriate Thanksgiving 2023-themed storybooks and read them aloud to the students. Afterward, engage in discussions about the values of gratitude, sharing, and helping one another.
  3. Mini Feasts: Organize a mini Thanksgiving feast within the classroom. You can bring in simple, traditional dishes like cornbread, apples, and small portions of turkey. Encourage the students to share and express what they appreciate about their peers.
  4. Crafting Cornucopias: Teach your students how to make paper cornucopias and fill them with small treats or messages of gratitude. This activity not only encourages creativity but also emphasizes the concept of abundance and sharing.

For Middle School Students:

  1. Thanksgiving 2023 Debates: Engage your middle school students in discussions and debates about the historical and cultural aspects of Thanksgiving. Topics could include the origins of the holiday, its impact on Native Americans, or the meaning of gratitude.
  2. Culinary Adventure: Organize a mini-cooking competition, where students can prepare dishes inspired by Thanksgiving. Encourage them to research recipes, plan a menu, and even present their creations to the class, fostering teamwork and culinary skills.
  3. Cultural Comparisons: Explore Thanksgiving traditions in various French-speaking regions, such as Canada or regions of France like Normandy. Compare and contrast these customs with the American Thanksgiving, highlighting cultural diversity.
  4. Community Outreach: Teach the importance of giving back by involving students in a community service project. Whether it’s preparing meals for the less fortunate, collecting donations, or volunteering at a local food bank, this activity can instill the spirit of gratitude and generosity.

Feel free to adapt these ideas to suit the specific needs and preferences of your students. Thanksgiving offers a wonderful opportunity to not only teach cultural awareness but also to emphasize the values of gratitude, kindness, and community.

I hope these ideas inspire a memorable and educational Thanksgiving 2023 celebration for you and your students in 2023. Enjoy the holiday season!

Let’s all have a happy thanksgiving en français

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