Ideas for thanksgiving activities in French

Are you looking for ideas for thanksgiving activities in French? Either Thanksgiving activities for middle school students or primary students, I have some ideas for you. 

All my resources are French themed thanksgiving: pie hunt, turkey hunt, etc… all are engaging thanksgiving activities for your French lessons

ideas for thanksgiving activities
Some fun ideas for thanksgiving activities
thanksgiving activities in French
thanksgiving activities in French

Celebrating Thanksgiving 2021 in Canada or USA, we are now closed as it falls on Thursday, November the 25th

Teaching thanksgiving French vocabulary

I have a choice of thanksgiving google slides theme which are on sales now, 50% off

ideas thanksgiving activities in French
ideas thanksgiving activities in French

This Thanksgiving activity is perfect for your French Second Language students. This PIE hunt focuses on listening skills. Students listen to an audio and click on the corresponding picture. There are 10 levels / sets and each set has 2 questions.

thanksgiving google slides theme

The vocabulary is: dinde, gland, citrouille, pain, maïs, purée (de pommes de terre), corne d’abondance, plume, pomme, raisins, pèlerin, pèlerine, feuille, blé, écureuil, tarte à la citrouille, courge, amérindien, amérindienne, chapeau

⭐This Awesome Digital GOOGLE SLIDES Hunt / Game is:

  • perfect for distance learning, stations or centers, etc.
  • self-checking
  • highly accessible – students can play it on any device with Internet – iPad, laptop, Chromebook, even smartphone

This game is 50% off at the moment. Click here

This scavenger hunt focuses on writing skills. This is SET 4 of the bundle.
thanksgiving google slides

Other ideas for Thanksgiving activities in French

I also have a choice of Boom Cards if you prefer. 

boom cards en français
I love Boom Cards and the platform Boom Learning. They are self-grading and I love the students’ report that goes with it

Let’s all have a happy thanksgiving en français

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