Learn to read in French

Learn to read in French is one of the key skills that children learn in first and second grades. With the advent of digital technologies, it is now possible to learn to read online. In this article, we will explore the best online resources to help children learn to read in first grade.

meilleures ressources pour lecture au cp


I offer you phonology exercises designed with the BOOM LEARNING platform, games for first grade or kindergarten. These reading support activities for kindergarten or first grade children can be a tool to support reading and writing for young dyslexic students or complement online or classroom learning for other students.

I offer many educational online games that help children learn to read in first grade . These games are designed to be fun and interactive, while teaching children the basic skills of reading. A visit to my store is a must! Visit my shop : boutique.

How to learn and teach to read in French?

I have created a bundle to get started with learning to read and to learn to read through phonological awareness.

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apprentissage lecture


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Apprendre à lire et évaluer dès le CP

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Learn to read in French: go further

I also offer a set for complex sounds, but if you want to ensure peace of mind for the entire year, then choose the mega bundle to teach all sounds.

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Learn to read sight words in French

Learning to read in first grade is a crucial step in children’s lives. Therefore, it is essential to find fun ways to teach them to read while having fun. Games on sight words are an effective solution for teaching children basic reading skills while providing them with a fun and interactive experience. Here are some games to learn to read in first grade with sight word games.

Sight word games are designed to help children recognize and memorize the most commonly used words in French. These games often include interactive activities such as puzzles, memory games, and crosswords. Children can play these games online or offline, in groups or solo, making them perfect for classrooms, families, or recreation centers.

I invite you to read my article on high-frequency words or sight words to fully understand the importance of integrating them into your first and second grades reading method.

How does BOOM CARDS work?

And if you don’t know how to use these games, I invite you to read this article. You will discover what Boom Cards are and how to use them. It is a tool that allows for incredible time-saving!

I love using them for first and second grades reading learning whether I’m teaching online or in person.