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Prefix in French – and Suffix

Why teaching prefix in French (and suffix) ?

In the world of education, digital educational games have gained popularity in recent years. Teachers and parents have discovered that these self-checking games can be an effective way to teach children in a fun and interactive way. Among the topics taught by these games, prefix in French and suffix in French are particularly important to improve understanding and use of the French language

Prefix and suffix are key elements of French grammar and language construction. Prefixes are elements placed before the main word to modify its meaning, while suffixes are placed at the end of the word to modify it as well. For example, the prefix in French “re-” can be added to the verb “faire” to form the word “refaire”, which means “to do again”. Similarly, the suffix “-ment” can be added to the word “heureux” to form “heureusement”, which means “happily”

prefix in French
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How to teach Prefix in French?

Learning prefix in French and suffix in French may seem tedious for children, but digital educational games can make this task more enjoyable and motivating. These games allow children to practice their language skills while having fun through playful and interactive activities. Self-checking games also allow children to self-evaluate, which strengthens their self-confidence and motivation to learn.

It is important for the student to understand the concept of word families before even starting to learn prefix in French and suffix. Understanding the concept of the root word will also be important.

Here’s an activity that will allow your students to work on word families, suffix, and prefix in French, excellent for developing vocabulary.

prefix and suffix

There is a variety of games on prefixes and suffixes, adapted to different levels of language proficiency. Some games focus on the most common prefixes, such as “re-“, “pré-“, “in-“, and “dis-“, while others focus on the most common suffixes, such as “-ment”, “-able”, “-ist” and “-eur”

Here are a few examples of the games you can find on my TPT shop

These games can be used to teach children the most common prefixes and suffixes. Children can play in groups or individually if you have tablets or computers available.

PREFIXES SET 1: An activity that will allow your students to work on prefixes that express the opposite. The student will first understand that a prefix changes the meaning of a word, specifically its root. Then, they will find antonyms containing prefixes.

PREFIXES SET 2: An activity that will allow your students to work on prefixes and their meanings. The student will discover other prefixes and their meanings.

SUFFIXES: An activity that will allow your students to work on suffixes and their meanings.

The benefits of these games

These games allow children to practice constructing sentences with prefixes and suffixes. Children can also be encouraged to create their own words by adding prefixes and suffixes to word roots. This activity encourages creativity and critical thinking while reinforcing understanding of word construction.

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prefix and suffix

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prefix in french