Why teaching French sight words?

The phrase “French sight words” or “French high-frequency words” refers to words that readers should be able to recognise right away. Because sight words are so common, they must be recognised. They account for 50 to 75 percent of all words that youngsters are likely to encounter (http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-sight-words.htm). This is why it is important to be teaching French sight words as soon as in grade 1.

Rather than utilising phonics abilities to sound out these words, they are recognised and read. Your students should know and be able to identify them quickly to become fluent readers. It is important to practice them regularly to assist your students.

Why using these resources to be teaching French sight words ?

More and more schools are pushing towards paperless classrooms, either to save money or be more environment-friendly or to encourage students to use technology more in the classroom. Perhaps all of them.

How to engage students in all learning styles and provide variety?

I don’t believe in a paperless classroom, especially for K-2 students. To learn, little children must manipulate paper. But, and this is why I’m here today, I believe we can merge digital and printed resources. Digital resources can complement printed resources by offering features that paper doesn’t have, such as audio.

Why Boom Learning can help in the teaching of French sight words?

Boom Learning is a platform that allows any teacher to create digital cards. You may make your own cards by creating a Boom account. You can save time by looking for paid and free cards offered by teachers like myself.

How do these task cards work ?

I’ve created bundles and sets of audio digital task cards on Boom and you can preview them to find out how this kind of resource would work in your classroom. Each bundle is made of three scaffolding sets.

The first set is made of cards which “speaks” a word and students need to click on the written word that matches the audio.

teaching french sight words

The second set is made of cards where students need to drag the letters to the word.

teaching french sight words spelling

The last set is made of cards where students need to write the word independently, so they can also develop their spelling skills for any further creative writing.

french sight words

If you enjoy the French sight words BOOM CARDS, check out my MEGA BUNDLE with 19 different games at a 50% discount price. You will find 5 differents lists of mots fréquents, mots usuels, mots outils, mots invariables … whatever you prefer to like them.

french sight words

To learn more about Boom Cards and how to use them, check out my post in French.

Boom Cards work on interactive whiteboards, desktops, Chromebooks, smartphones, and tablets using contemporary browsers (published in the previous three years). Apps for Boom Cards are also available (App Store and Google Play) for free.

Because the cards are self-grading, they can save you time.