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digital for french

French Teaching Resources

Looking for high-quality French teaching resources?

Look no further! Our comprehensive collection of French teaching materials includes everything you need to engage your students and help them master the language.

From grammar exercises to vocabulary worksheets and interactive activities, our resources are designed to make learning French fun and effective.

Explore our collection today and discover the best French teaching resources available online!

digital for french



Designed to teach students French language skills and increase their understanding and appreciation of French-speaking cultures, the resources includes the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in French, to help students develop basic communicative proficiency in French.


Your students are bilingual ? You need to provide students with a high level of proficiency in French, and to promote bilingualism ? Check our games to learn to read, to improve spelling of French sight words, verbs tenses, grammar skills, etc… You can save time and motivate your students with engaging resources.


Are you looking for French teaching resources for KS1, KS2, KS3 or KS4? Do you want to prepare your students for GCSE or A-levels? We have many vocabulary and grammar games designed for non-native speakers, with instructions provided in English.

Here is a list of my free games to try !

Learn to read

Activity that will allow your students to consolidate simple vowel sounds and begin decoding and blending with certain consonants

Learn to write

Activity to spell complex sounds such ail eil euil ouil with BOOM CARDS

French Spring Vocabulary

French Second Language students will practice their listening skills and hear about Spring-related vocabulary words in French .

French Back to School Vocabulary

Free game to learn about school items and equipment


Extremely satisfied
I used this for my fast finishers in French I when we were learning school supplies. It was a hit - they liked the clip art a lot 🙂
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Extremely satisfied I really enjoyed having this as a part of my Google Classroom activity center. M/y students were loved playing this at home with their parents and wanted to tell me how well they did. It was great that there was audio included therefore the students and parents could hear how the sound is actually supposed to sound like which is always a big demand/expectation every year. Merci!
Extremely satisfied
Students are impressed and they are fully involved during class. As a teacher I am very satisfied.
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