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⭐ Voici une activité qui permettra à vos élèves de primaire français langue première ou immersion de travailler le C dur C doux 

L’ élève va:
1. écouter les explications audio avec support visuel
2. choisir quel son on entend dans chaque mot (S ou K)

Les 20 cartes sont autocorrectives.

⭐ Here is an engaging activity tailored for French first-language or immersion primary students, providing an enriching auditory and visual experience. “C dur C doux” offers a unique learning approach where students:

  1. Listen to crystal-clear audio explanations accompanied by supportive visuals.
  2. Decide which sound they hear in each word – is it ‘S’ or ‘K’?

With 20 self-correcting cards, this tool encourages independent learning and instant feedback, allowing students to confidently identify and replicate the correct sounds without delay.

Our “C dur C doux” activity not only strengthens listening skills but also empowers students with the knowledge they need to excel in French pronunciation. It’s an essential addition to any primary French curriculum that values innovative, supportive, and community-oriented learning experiences.

With “C dur C doux,” you can ensure your audience has access to top-notch educational materials that are optimized for discoverability.


⭐⭐ Pourquoi choisir BOOM CARDS

  • INTERACTIF: activité sous forme de jeu qui garde l’élève motivé et concentré
  • AUTOCORRECTIF: économie du temps, enregistre le score des élèves
  • SANS PAPIER: pas besoin de couper, laminer, etc… peut-être utilisé pour un enseignement en ligne

Le compte de base BOOM est gratuit. Vous pouvez choisir de vous abonner, ce qui vous permettra d’avoir une trace de chaque participation (temps passé, erreurs, score, synchronisation avec Google Classroom, etc…)

⭐⭐ Why choosing BOOM CARDS

  • INTERACTIVE: game features keep the student engaged and motivated
  • SELF-GRADING: save a lot of time, track students’ grades
  • PAPERLESS: no cutting, laminating, can be used for distance learning

The BOOM LEARNING starter account is free. You can upgrade your account which allows you to monitor students (time spent, errors, score, synchronisation with Google Classroom, etc…)

By purchasing this resource, you are agreeing that the contents are the property of French for Digital and licensed to you only for classroom / personal use as a single user. I retain the copyright, and reserve all rights to this product. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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