BUNDLE French Prefixes Suffixes Roots BOOM CARDS | Préfixe Suffixe Radical



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⭐ Here is a BUNDLE of BOOM CARDS activities to help your French Immersion or Core students to use affixes correctly and to understand new words by looking at the French prefixes, suffixes, and root words.


These 172 scaffolding slides will allow your students to understand easily and work independently as they are self-checking.


You need to play the games in the slideshow or present mode


⭐These Awesome Digital BOOM CARDS Games are:

  • perfect for Google Classroom, distance learning, centers, etc.
  • self-checking
  • highly accessible – students can play it on any device with Internet – iPad, laptop, Chromebook, even smartphone


**************************************************************************************************************⭐ Voici un ensemble d’ activités BOOM CARDS qui permettra à vos élèves de travailler les familles de mots, les suffixes et les préfixes, excellente pour développer le vocabulaire.


Les 172 cartes à tâches suivent une progression logique qui permettra de comprendre facilement et de travailler en autonomie (auto corrective)


Le jeu se joue en mode présentation