FREE French Winter words Activities BOOM CARDS Set 1


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⭐This French activity is perfect to learn French Winter words for your Second Language students. This mittens hunt focuses on listening skills and matching audio and pictures.


This free version is a shorter version of 13 task cards. If you want to learn more French Winter words, get the full 44 digital cards version, please click here


How does the game work?

There are 10 levels / sets and each set has 2 questions. Each good answer gets students some mittens and get them to the next level. Students also earn ribbons.

Students will keep playing and working through the challenges until complete.


⭐This Awesome Digital BOOM CARDS Mittens Hunt / Game is:

  • perfect for Google Classroom, distance learning, centers, etc.
  • self-checking
  • highly accessible – students can play it on any device with Internet – iPad, laptop, Chromebook, even smartphone


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