Free Google Forms Activity for Practicing French Homophones SON SONT


Activité GRATUITE Google Forms pour travailler les homophones SON SONT

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Engage your students in mastering French homophones SON SONT with our free Google Forms activity! In this activity, students will complete a series of sentences using the correct homophone. This Google Form can be utilized for assessment purposes or as a reinforcement exercise.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Learning: Students actively participate in completing sentences with the appropriate homophone, enhancing their understanding and usage of French homophones.
  • Self-Correcting Quiz: The quiz consists of 7 questions and is self-correcting, providing instant feedback to students.
  • Premium Version Available: Upgrade to the premium version with 19 questions for extended practice and mastery of French homophones.
  • Educational Resource: Whether used in the classroom or for remote learning, this activity serves as a valuable resource for teachers and students alike.

Get started with our free Google Forms activity today and watch your students excel in French language skills! For more information and tips on mastering homophones in French, check out our article on Homophones in French.


Activité GRATUITE Google Forms pour travailler les homophones SON SONT

L’élève va compléter une série de phrases avec le bon homonyme. Ce formulaire Google peut-être utilisé comme évaluation ou renforcement.

Il y a 7 questions au total dans ce quiz est auto-correctif.

La version payante est composé de 19 questions.

Pour plus d’infos, lis cet article Homophones in French