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French Back to School Activities | All about me | Activités Rentrée Scolaire


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⭐️ French Back to School activities booklet | Google Slides digital and printable | All about me | Tout sur moi | Livret d’activités pour la rentrée scolaire Google Slides et version papier Students can work on during the beginning of the year or throughout September. The booklet includes 6 activities and a cover page. The activities encourage students to learn about other students in their class while also reflecting on the upcoming year. Please take a look at the PREVIEW for a detailed look at what’s included in this booklet.


✅ Activities included are:

*retour à l’école, transcrire ses émotions

*questionnaire élève (mon fruit préféré, ma couleur préférée…)

*objectifs élève (strength and goal setting)

*connaitre mes profs

*connaitre mes camarades de classe (jeu vrai-faux)

*fiche d’identité


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