French Figurative Language Digital Activity – Saint Valentin – Langage FigurĂ©


🧡 Quick, self-checking, engaging activity for French figurative language

💚 ActivitĂ© rapide, auto-corrective et motivante pour enseigner les figures de style


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Looking for a quick, self-checking, engaging activity for French figurative language? Vous cherchez une activité rapide, auto-corrective et motivante pour enseigner les figures de style en français ? Look no further! This digital self-checking Magic Word Search will be a new favorite in your classroom.


This 10 question self-checking activity focuses on identifying different types of figurative language : simile, metaphor and personification.


Cette activitĂ© de 10 questions se concentre sur l’identification des figures de style suivantes: la comparaison, la mĂ©taphore et la personnification.


⭐ In the self-checking activity, Magic Word Search, students collect a word each time they correctly answer a question. While answering, the letters in the word search puzzle dance around randomly until the last question is correctly answered. The students continue to answer questions until they have correctly completed the assignment. Following the assignment, students are rewarded with a mini brain-break in the form of a fun word search puzzle.


The students answer the questions in any order they prefer. If correct, the students receive immediate feedback by revealing words on the word list for their word search. Answer key included.


This digital resource uses Google Sheetsℱ and can be used on Google Classroom and Google Drive.


✅ Ways to use this resource:

  • Exit ticket
  • Do-Now
  • Early finisher
  • Choice board activity
  • Homework Assignment
  • Activity