French Food and Drinks Vocabulary | Nourriture & Boissons BOOM CARDS


French food and drinks vocabulary with our audio-only game


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French food and drinks vocabulary with our audio-only game, designed to consolidate your vocabulary of food and drinks en français. La nourriture et les boissons | Perfect for language learners of all levels, this listening game features captivating dialogues set in a restaurant.


Listen to a variety of dialogues, each presented with different voices and accents, allowing you to practice your listening skills while expanding your knowledge of French items of food and drinks. From ordering the perfect croissant to savoring a glass of wine, our game offers an authentic and immersive experience.


With 16 self-checked audio boom cards, students can learn at their own pace and ensure accurate pronunciation. Whether they’re beginners or advanced learners, this game is a delightful way to enhance your French language skills while indulging in the rich culture of French food and drinks. Bon appétit!