French New Year’s Activity GOOGLE SLIDES | Le Nouvel An | La nouvelle année 2024


2024 French New Year’s GOOGLE SLIDES & Printable

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⭐️Updated for New Year 2024! These French New Year’s GOOGLE SLIDES & Printable are the perfect resource to encourage your French students to reflect on the previous year, look forward to the next, and set New Year’s resolutions and goals!!


Students can choose from these activities

★ Recap 2023 with their favorite things

★ Reflect on 2023 and what they’re most proud of, what they’ve achieved, learnt and their most difficult moment

★ Choose 4 things they are grateful for

★ Include their academic, personal and social goals in 2024

★ List what they are looking forward to in 2024

★ Complete sentences about their goals in 2024 (prompts)

★ Choose one word for 2024 and give 3 actions to achieve it

★ List goals according to the numbers in the year 2024 (eg 2 for two things you liked and would like to continue next year…)


All these activities are also available on paper in the zip folder (print in black and white or colour)


Students will add their answers to the slides by typing in the provided boxes