Christmas Games GOOGLE SLIDES Set 1


⭐This Christmas activity is perfect for your English Additional or Second Language students

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⭐These Christmas games Google Slides are perfect for your English Additional or Second Language students. This tree hunt focuses on listening skills and matching audio and pictures. Perfect to input Christmas Vocabulary


How do thess Christmas games GOOGLE SLIDES work?

After you assign the game to your students , they will work at their own pace. They will use “present” mode to play.

There are 10 levels / sets and each set has 2 questions. Each good answer gets students to the next level. Students also earn ribbons.

Watch out! A wrong answer will send them back to the first question of that set. Students will keep playing and working through the challenges until complete.


⭐This Awesome Digital Christmas game Google Slides  or Tree Hunt / Game is:

  • perfect for Google Classroom, distance learning, centers, etc.
  • self-checking
  • comes in Google Slides so you can edit it with either platform
  • highly accessible – students can play it on any device with Internet – iPad, laptop, Chromebook, even smartphone


⭐ After downloading, the PDF will contain a link to the Christmas Games Google Slides presentation. Once, you have opened your copy, you can adjust the slides in the order that you would like and remove any pages that you don’t need. You can also add your own questions!

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