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💚 FREE French Back School activity

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⭐ In this FREE French Back to School activity, students:

1. will associate pictures and words (they choose between 4 words)

2. will listen to the words and choose the correct one

3. will spell the words

4. will do a true or false activity to reinforce “j’ai” “et”

5. will type a sentence saying which school items they have according to the pictures


This is a self-checking activity, which can be assigned online.

There are 8 task cards (full version available on my store).



⭐⭐ Why choosing BOOM CARDS

  • INTERACTIVE: game features keep the student engaged and motivated
  • SELF-GRADING: save a lot of time, track students’ grades
  • PAPERLESS: no cutting, laminating, can be used for distance learning


The BOOM LEARNING starter account is free. You can upgrade your account which allows you to monitor students (time spent, errors, score, synchronisation with Google Classroom, etc…)



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