French Mothers Day 2024 | Reading Comprehension | LA FÊTE DES MÈRES


Celebrate Mothers Day 2024 with this captivating French reading game



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Celebrate Mothers Day 2024 with this captivating French reading game. It is the perfect gift to honor every fêtes des mères while engaging in educational fun.

It features 20 self-checking sentences that beautifully blend the joy of Mothers Day with the elegance of the French language.


As students read each sentence, they’ll select the corresponding image, reinforcing their comprehension of essential Mother’s Day vocabulary and commonly used French verbs.


It’s an innovative way to say “Je t’aime” while nurturing a love for language. Ideal for both classroom settings and home learning, this game promises to make Mother’s Day even more special with a learning experience that is as delightful as it is educational.